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Buyers guidelines for used office furniture

Your boss will love you for saving the company money. Here are some buyers guidelines for used office furniture - giving you quality you thought was beyond your budget. Designer brands that blue chip companies buy and resell frequently with their image revamps and tax loss exercises. Staff will get a new sense of "how upmarket they are" and their morale will soar. Buy properly and there are no losers. Your company gets excellent PR for being green

Let's face it, in this day and age the quality of manufacturing means goods in certain sectors just won't wear out. Used office furniture is just such a case in point, apart from some superficial damage, nothing much becomes unserviceable. Indeed, some of it is so well constructed it becomes a liability to companies simply wishing to change it for image purposes.

There is now stigma about merely changing something because the top echelon of management has decided “a new look” is an important priority. Used office furniture is too good to end up in a landfill site, and PR demands that business alongside its consumers must strive for green, environmentally friendly practices. To be seen to be otherwise is no longer acceptable - no more than smoking is acceptable around children.


The mechanics of durability

When buying second hand, there are some buyers guidelines for used office furniture to appreciate if you wish to start saving money for the company. Of course you are going to save money, and lots of it – you'll no doubt make it onto the company accountants Christmas card list when you come in for less than the expected expenditure. But, you will have to show that buying used office furniture is more than a financial gain.

Some defects on furniture will show all too readily, torn veneer, chipped edges and broken drawer runners. However, such problems are less evident with today's quality manufacturing techniques, so typically only a small percentage of used office furniture will be blighted with these faults. Those items that are damaged in some capacity will be very limited and very repairable – one or two bad pieces will not render a matching batch unusable.

Most of the worn components can be restored very easily, hinges, catches and door runners are interchangeable and easily obtained from hardware suppliers. It is highly possible to obtain parts virtually indistinguishable from those on the rest of the used office furniture.


Examine critical points of furniture construction

Workstations need to be solid, especially when there are multiple points of stability at corners and where legs need comfortable access. Take a look at the corner legs – are they still solid and without signs of bending?

Metal component parts should not be showing crimped edges that could injure legs when they're being tucked under desktops. Even more serious, used office furniture must be clean and not a potential source of infection if exposed legs and arms were accidently grazed on them. Rust is obviously intolerable.

Drawer handles are often of the profile type – careful observation of such mouldings will prevent the purchase of dangerous parts on otherwise safe furnishing articles. It would be unsatisfactory to have to undertake large restoration and repair of used office furniture, particularly when there are so many options in today's marketplace. Nobody will thank you for buying in a problem. Of course, Office Interiors Ltd have done all this before you even get to see the furniture!


Make sure used office furniture is still secure

If security is an issue (especially in the personal sense) – then careful testing of locks and bolting arrangements should precede purchase. Staff may expect secure drawers and doors, both to protect confidential documents and personal valuables. Keys should be tested and desks rejected if security cannot be guaranteed. Prevention is highly preferable to trying to manage situations once they have arisen.

When computer equipment and other digital and electronic apparatus is to be a feature of the work environment, it is worth noting that all port holes are present in the design and configured for the the overall layout. A proficient CAD designer will indicate where such access will be needed and it is the office furniture buyers job to make sure everything is compliant. Where port holes are not required, the used office furniture should come complete with plastic caps. Omission of such individual details will only add to a tatty appearance if missing.

Drawers should glide easily on their runners and close with no necessity to employ brute force. Doors will be problematic if edges are no longer aligned properly. Abusive use can render otherwise sound used office furniture to be useless in the extreme. Again, as buyer, it will be your job to ensure previous behaviour has not rendered certain points inoperable.


Edges are fundamental to good recycled used office furniture

Edges have two main areas of concern, firstly alignment, and secondly smoothness. The first point covers all aspects of putting the furniture together in modular fashion. This involves both aesthetic and layout concerns. Space is actually a fundamental issue in needing modular components to fit together properly. Unbroken work top areas are important to conserving personal effects such as stationary and writing implements.

Secondly, smooth edges are important when staff need comfortable access to move around between furniture stations. This is particularly relevant for female staff who often wear free flowing apparel which could easily catch on damaged used office furniture.


Modern design brought nearer by recycling used office furniture

It is often easier to acquire contemporary designed cars when they become obsolete with fashion changes – so it is with office furniture. Many up-to-date pieces become available long before they lose their aesthetic design appeal, particularly when their original owners have been modern, blue chip companies with budgets suitable for image concious branding.

Top pieces of veneered furniture and chrome fittings look just as good as the day when they were first unpacked and assembled in the office environment. Buying used office furniture of this calibre will suddenly become accessible when previously it was financially out of reach. New dividers will often update otherwise clean prestigious pieces.


Lift used office furniture with your choice of furnishing accessories

When schemes that have used office furniture need to be uplifted, otherwise utilitarian environments can be considerably improved with design elements such as wall coverings and furnishing fabrics. Good interior designers can inject new life into environments with decorative and operating accessories from abstract art to practical lighting schemes.

Usable but plain desks and workstations can be taken onto a new level by mixing them with prestigious new pieces such as leather reception seating and glass reception desks. In this way, budgets can be stretched to both the functioning and the aesthetically pleasing.

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