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Herman Miller Aeron Chairs

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Used Herman Miller Aeron chairs

picture of Herman Miller Aeron chairThe vast majority of our Herman Miller Aeron Chairs are 'as new' - prices from £350.00 plus vat (per chair). Although we normally sell bulk, we will deliver single Aerons.

They have full specification, lumbar support, height adjustable arms, tilting seat etc.

The A B & C refer to the chair size. A is a small seat, B is the normal size and C is for large seats.

Ring now to secure your used Herman Miller Aeron chairs - 0845 000 9000. Digital images can be e-mailed of the actual chairs by request.

Remember - we will deliver single Herman Miller Aeron chairs!


picture of Herman Miller Aeron chbairs

Size and benefit information

The Herman Miller Aeron chair has been designed in three sizes - all with identical performance capabilities. These three sizes combined with their active adjustments, allow the Herman Miller Aeron chairs to fit virtually anyone in a broader range of the anthropometric scale, from the 1st percentile female through to the 99th percentile male.

picture of postures for Herman Miller Aeron chair usersThe extensive range of adjustments ensures Herman Miller Aeron chairs provide a tailored fit for each individual user. The adjustment controls are easy to reach and operate from a seated position. Icons clearly indicate the function of each control.

The two stage pneumatic lift provides a greater range of seat height adjustment than for other chairs. The size A chair adjusts from 363-495mm and the B and C chairs from 385-545mm.

. The tilt tension adjustment lets the user control the resistance felt while leaning back.
. The forward tilt adjustment positions the chair 5 degrees forward.
. The tilt limiter allows the user to control the tilt range without being locked in a single position.
. The armrest can be independently adjusted vertically and laterally for correct arm alignment with the task.
. The lumbar pad can be adjusted vertically and its depth can be set at 19 or 31mm

What size do I need?

There are three sizes of Aeron chair (A/B/C) and the one that suits you best will depend upon both your height and your weight. In some cases more than one model could be comfortable.

This table will help you decide which size is best for you >>
graph showing Herman Miller Aeron chairs sizes

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Herman Miller Aeron Chairs Wanted

Used Herman Miller Aeron chairs always wanted, we pay the best prices for good quality second hand Aeron or Mirra chairs. We are constantly looking for these chairs and guarantee to beat any genuine trade quotation. Ring us on 0845 000 9000 for an instant decision!