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Acupuncture Cheltenham

Maria Mercati is the person behind this site, a renowned expert in the art of healing through acupuncture and oriental massage. Having known Maria from Bodyharmonics, it was no surprise to see her launching a website more directly aimed at patients than pupils. Maria has a thriving practice in Cheltenham so it is no surprise either that the site is called Acupuncture Cheltenham!

She has treated me for a sports injury in the past few years so I am au fait with her business. I have to say how much it helped me in relationship to the usual occupational therapy I've had for sports injuries in the past. Acupuncture in Cheltenham was quite a way for me to travel, but Maria had come recommended by my web designer who also does her site.

I would have to say that everything on this site is pretty accurate, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Maria for treatment, or for that matter Graham who did my chinese massage. From what I could see, most of the residents of Cheltenham would appreciate her acupuncture skills and be well able to afford it!

I must go now or my web designer will want to know how I couldn't think of anything for my blog! Just visit Acupuncture Cheltenham and find some serious relief if you're in agony!

Ps - my web designer did the SEO after I finished writing this page...