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Acupuncture courses

Having tried Bodyharmonics for acupuncture myself, I thought it a good place to send my errant nephew to learn something which would pay the rent - acupuncture courses! Of couse the little *** might take his revenge by offering to jab me with needles. Still it would be worth the very reasonable cost (and the relief from nagging of his mother).

It would probably appeal to his macabre nature and at the same time channel it into something worthwhile. I only hope he doesn't get kicked off these acupuncture courses before time. I would then have to try some acupuncture treatment of my own on him (with a hammer).

Seriously, it might be the ideal choice for anybody with a younger relative who doesn't know what to do, particularly as the economy seems to be getting harder for the time being. Lots of people are getting older and stiffer, and don't necessarily take the time in the gym like me to loosen up. Acupuncture courses will be ideal to set somebody up to earn a crust in the future.

And if all else fails on these acupuncture courses, he will at least be healthier and more supple for some serious desk lifting, which is the next alternative (made altogether more difficult by the shackles he will find himself wearing).