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Hotels in Bath

Book one of the hotels in Bath for a truly relaxing weekend amongst the attractions and hostelries that have made it such a great city. Nowhere else is there such an authentic and fulfilling experience as the natural hot springs. Heated from deep within the planets underground realms the Romans first established baths here for their enjoyment between hard campaigning.

Book into any one of these fabulous hotels on offer, directly from the homepage and you will soon be amonst that history as if you were there yourself in Roman times. Marvel at the ancient building (in human terms) and walk down the streets of the old original city.

And should you wish to try these hot waters yourself, you can at the Thermae Spa Baths which are also in walking distance of the city centre hotels. Massage is available as part of the relaxation for your visit. When you've finished, it's just a stone throws walk back to your splendid hotel and the many restaurants and fashionable cafes nearby.

Your hotel in Bath will make a suitable base for the traveller who wishes to stray a little further afield and visit Westonbirt Arboretum for the day. A truly paradise like walk amongst a huge collection of trees from all over the world. Stress slowly ebbs away as the natural world takes over. Try booking a hotel as soon as your busy schedule allows -- afterall what's the point of being busy if you don't get to enjoy the fruits of your labour.