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Hotels in Cheltenham

Having decided to visit Cheltenham for its excellent antique shops, theatres and shopping, I set about in the usual manner trying to book a hotel in Cheltenham. The amount of useless sites that greeted me was overwhelming, not like booking a holiday abroad.

Anybody and everybody wanted my attention. There were just too many sites to choose from and none of them gave me anything to compare the hotels that were on there, just single hotels set up with the minimum of information. I wanted to be able to compare hotels at a glance and make some judgement before getting lost in all those other sites about Cheltenham hotels.

Hotels Cheltenham to the rescue. It quickly became apparent what the top hotels in Cheltenham were from a useful list depicting what I assume was a top ten (twelve actually) of the best choices. Each had a clear picture which tells you more than any text on the whole. My wife looked over my shoulder and made an easy choice (without consulting me of course).

The Queens Hotel was our choice (confirming her talent for the most expensive option) but I have to admit it was good. The rooms were spot on and the food was excellent. And how easy it was to get to all the (most expensive) shops in the promenade.

We also took a meal at the Hotel in the Park, because of the excellent review it had on Hotels Cheltenham. I would highly recommend Hotels Cheltenham as a website for finding somewhere to stay in Cheltenham (but be quick if you want to see the races in March - I hear the Cheltenham hotels are booked a year in advance).