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Jobs from Home

Looking in from a reasonably healthy business, it's always interesting to find out what is going on in the rest of the world. It seems quite reasonable for all these sites about employment to be cropping up as people try to find different ways to find work. It's always fascinated me how people live, and how they get by in life.

This new website I found browsing for pleasure one night is called Jobs from Home - and that's exactly what it does focus on. If you're not in a comfortable position as regards work, it is necessary to find out how to be. I guess jobs from home is just one more way of doing this.

There are just two pages so far on the site, and I have to admit they seemed pretty disjointed if not interesting in their own right. The first page was about technical issues for which I'm reasonably up to date, but the second page interested me more.

Multi level marketing is one aspect of working outside of standard employment that I've never particularly understood (mostly because I've had no interest in doing so). This has done nothing to change my mind. I have a fair few employees, and now I am starting to consider I've saved them from a life of this rubbish.

I support anybody who does not end up taking their social security down the pub, and drinking all day. I don't know how people manage this, is this what you call "jobs from home"? The sooner people can find real jobs the better it will be for everybody. Real jobs will be in short supply until the government work out how everybody is to be gainfully employed.

Some of us may have an old fashioned view, but I suspect that most people will agree with this (and I mght be wrong). Jobs from home seems like wishful thinking to me, but some people will obviously disagree. I just hope that the current lot of politicians see this as part of getting the country working again.