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Softwood Decking

Pressure treated softwood decking can still make a durable solution for garden areas where recreation is to be enjoyed, even though hardwood is generally considered preferable. It is available with smooth or grooved faces, with double dressed sides for use in balconies. This means you can see a machined face whether on top or below the decking.

It must be maintained on an annual basis, being treated with a proprietary finish. An ideal method of utilizing garden areas otherwise difficult to use because of shape, poor ground or even as suspended structures over damp areas.

Finish the softwood decking area with benches, split levels, balustrades and even inset ponds to create ideal dining areas. Can be built without visibly jointing the deckboard, combined with composite decking railing. Anti-slip options are available when needed,

It's important to respect UK building regulations as softwood decking counts as a structure, and neighbours are within their rights to get structures without offical permission taken down. There are of course many profiles available and these are applied to all manner of accessories from pond edgings to railings.

Using sleepers has become very fashionable and is one further way that fashion is utilised in constructions. Brands include Timbertech, CTS and all manner of local timber merchants.