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Starting a small business

Starting a small business is a veritable treasure chest of articles and advice aimed at the aspiring entrepreneur. It examines parts of the process that everybody is going to need to focus upon. This wil include first thoughts, consideration of where the premises will be, how to treat the customer and how to keep things vibrant (as you have to).

Clearly this author knows something about the process, owning several businesses of his own and having some failures under his belt too (so important before you can seriously contemplate giving anybody else advice).

Sites dealing with this topic will become more familiar as people step forward to try starting a small business or face long unemployment. One lass I recently spoke to was running a similar site theme and had all the enthusiasm I did thirty odd years ago

Starting a small business is still a viable proposition, but it is getting harder and harder as more people step up to the wire with hopes in hand, sadly to be dashed fairly early on. Society will need to find ways for starting a small business to become more mainstream as traditional jobs fade. Starting a small business could be the key to solving many problems currently solved by throwing money at bureaucrats and stepping back whilst they waste it.

Starting a small business is one way to keep quality control in the hands of the people who have to deliver, something that is probably missing in all too many instances of entrepreneurship. Time to give something back to the people (not because I'm politically motivated to do this, but because it may be the only way to get out of this inert recession).