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The use of web management to UK companies

Business people can find keeping a website current a pressure. Web management could be the answer, web designers are not always best to fulfil this role. This is down to cost and pressure of knowing a business intimately. Web managers have more time to do this.

Producing a website means keeping up to date with HTML, Javascript, MySql, PHP programming etc., whereas web management means optimising images, adding video, writing professional copy and search engine optimisation to name a few disciplines. Of course there is quite a lot of overlap between the two professions, but web management professionals have more time to concentrate on the subtleties of a clients business.

All marketing professionals are faced with the problem of becoming experts in a profession that isn't their own. This is why web management practitioners have the edge on web designers. It is the prime purpose of their job to become aquainted intimately with new businesses.

There is the cost factor to take into account, web designers should be earning a lot if they're any good to design websites. Web management professionals merely fill out the gaps in a businesses content, making sure it gets onto to the web whilst projecting it to the best effect.

Choosing the right font falls to both professions, writing the best copy with it is something a web manager should be able to do to best effect (there are always exception to any rule). Psychology is something that needs to be reflected in copy, experienced marketers should be better placed to produce this though this rule of thumb often disappoints.

Knowing how to reflect any business to its customer base is a talent that is hard learned. Designing a first class website is also a hard learned task. Best not to confuse them and end up with less than the best result.